Below is a letter sent to us from a former volunteer at Birth Choice which she received from one of her clients.  In reading it, we hope it blesses you as it has blessed us.

I was cleaning the top of my dresser this afternoon, and I ran across a small pin with two tiny feet on it next to a photo of Charlie (not his real name) in 1st grade. This pin forever reminds me of how thankful I am to have Charlie today. I wanted to thank you for being there for me, even before Charlie was born. You are a big part of the reason why he is here today. You didn’t have to be there to help a stranger in need, but you were. And for that, I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you for caring. Charlie is a wonderful son and I am truly blessed. Hope all is well with you and your family.

 PS –  Charlie is 18 years old now.


Client T came to the ICU before the Oceanside office opened. The Birth Choice volunteer counselor did an intake, pregnancy “self- test,” and an ultrasound was performed. “T” sought an abortion. She had no job, no money, no family support, and a complicated situation with the baby’s father. Our ultrasound technician and the counselor showered “T” with love, prayers, and hope for the future through God’s people at Birth Choice.

The BC volunteer kept in touch with “T” through many cell phone calls and text messages. Everything seemed okay until the volunteer felt moved to call her during a family gathering at the counselor’s home. The counselor had been trying to reach her for a few days without luck, so when “T” finally answered, the counselor was joyful, but not for long. “T “informed her that she had an appointment at a clinic for an abortion the next day. (This was her second scheduled abortion appointment.) The counselor prayerfully urged “T “not to make a decision that she would regret, but to choose carefully, knowing there were many people who were available to support her and provide valuable help in making a decision that she would be proud of and never regret.

Through the grace of God, “T” chose to carry to term. Birth Choice shared a “Celebration Basket” with “T”, which the counselor brought to “T’s” apartment.  When “T” told the counselor that she was moving back to her family in another state, the counselor gave her the addresses of pregnancy centers like ours within her area obtained through Three months later, “T” had her baby girl. Right after the birth, the counselor received a text message and photo of the baby, stating, “We love her so much! WE don’t know what we’d do without her!”

Fast forward to Thanksgiving… The BC counselor got a text message that “T” was moving back to Oceanside for a few months to take a break from college. She’s on the Dean’s List and wants to help other women know that “they can do it, too,” just as she did! There were also two photos attached of a little impish, dimpled girl, with a contented grin on her face. The doctor told “T” that her daughter is very bright and healthy just “like her mom!” the counselor texted back. We’re looking forward to her visiting Birth Choice so we can see this new world blessing for ourselves.

As is always appreciated, we received a lovely note from one of our interns from Phoenix University, who helped with our Growing Families this past semester. It is a lovely example of how Birth Choice, through the grace of God, impacts the lives of countless people.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity for me to intern at Birth Choice.  I have learned a lot more than I thought when I first walked in the doors – the videos, talking with your awesome volunteers, and working with Growing Families – what a great program! 

 I will miss working with them and Deb! You do a wonderful job.  I admire your Christ-like personality.  I hope I can show Christ in me like you do. 

Thanks again for the opportunity.


Young “C” came to Birth Choice a few months back, wanting to take a pregnancy test. She had recently broken up with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, but her two best friends came with her to offer support. Although “C” could not depend at all on her family, her dad and mom were both “away” at different facilities, she was used to being on her own and depending on her girlfriends and herself for what she needed. She knew she was pregnant, knew she did not want to abort, but didn’t know what to do next. After the test confirmed that she was indeed pregnant, she had an ultrasound immediately afterward. Her two friends crammed in the small ultrasound room with her, gave her a little trouble about her boyfriend’s name being recently tattooed on her hip, and all marveled at the tiny baby they saw on the screen. “C” was happy—almost giddy—about her baby.

“C” simply did not know what to do next. She did not have a job. She was living with one of her girlfriends temporarily until she could either be placed in a host home or find another place to stay. “C” was afraid but wanted to do the right thing. Although not an abortion-risk client, the odds were stacked against her and she knew it. She held the small photo album that Kim had given her, filled with the images of her baby, and asked us for help. She was not committed to a particular faith, was unsure about what she believed, but accepted our offer to pray for her. Read the rest of this entry »

The client, we will call her Patricia, was set on abortion but because she was curious and had never seen a baby via ultrasound, she decided to take advantage of an ultrasound offered free of charge through Birth Choice. I believe that curiosity was a gift from God because had she not seen her developing baby and his/her heart beat, she may have not changed her mindset from abortion to carrying the baby. Read the rest of this entry »

A few days back one of our counselors had the joy of attending the wedding of a previous Birth Choice client M.  How faithful God has been to M honoring her choice of giving life to her little boy even when the families urged her to consider another option.

Our counselor remembered the call from her girlfriend telling her she just found out her daughter was pregnant.  She wondered how she had not noticed a change in her daughter, or why she did not notice M had been wearing more sweatshirts these last few months.  “Talk to her,” the mother begged. “The father-to-be is not in her life anymore and this can’t be a good choice to have this baby.” It was apparent that the mother did not realize that the counselors at Birth Choice work to encourage all women to choose life for their babies. Read the rest of this entry »

On July 31st one of our counselors (“Shelly”) was blessed to help out at the annual Firm Believers In Christ (FBI Christ) event at the Oceanside Pier. This year, the event was a great success with over 12,000 people attending, including over 50 Churches and 20 vendors.  The beach was filled with over 100 evangelists canvassing the area, sharing countless testimonies about how God has worked in their lives. Shelly recounts, “The happenings of the day were truly a blessing and inspiring!”  While helping out at the information booth, Shelly had the opportunity to witness men, women, children, and families accepting the Lord just feet in front of her station, while loving Christian brothers and sisters gathered around and shared the gospel of Christ with them. This continued on all day. Read the rest of this entry »

We received a call today from a young lady inquiring about our Growing Families program. After some conversation, she expressed her interest and said she would come in to the center to sign up.  Unfortunately, based on experience, quite often that’s as far as it goes.  In this case, however, just moments before our shift changed, in came “Carol.”  After filing out the application, one of our counselors offered to show her our boutique, where participants can spend their “seed money” earned through workshop attendance to purchase items necessary for caring for their baby. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Growing Families program continues to blossom in the most amazing ways.  We have been holding classes for moms and kids on Friday mornings.  Part of our program mission is to help moms from the moment they find out they were pregnant through to when their child starts kindergarten.  Our diligent and creative volunteers have come up with a variety of ideas in order to support this effort.

Last Friday, one volunteer hosted an “art to eat” morning.  The kids finger painted with pudding, made cut-outs of different shapes using watermelon and bananas, and creatively arranged faces positioning raisins and grapes on apples.  All of this was done while learning to count, recognizing and identifying shapes and colors, and of course enjoying the chance to eat their final products.  We now have 15 children and 9 moms attending this class.  It will run through August, construction permitting. Read the rest of this entry »

At Birth Choice, we recently received a call from one of our new clients.  She had come to our center fresh out of high school and discovered she was pregnant. She enrolled in our Growing Families program and attended a pre-natal class at our center last Friday. In addition, she ended up staying for a women’s study program we have begun titled, Deceived by Shame, Desired by God. 

She had called to ask if she could bring a friend to the next week’s study.  She also wanted to express her thanks to the center for giving her hope in what seemed to her to be a hopeless situation.  Her step into Birth Choice to attend our classes was her first day out of the house since receiving the news of her pregnancy.  She had been suffering from depression due to the fact that she was unmarried, pregnant and facing a very uncertain future. Having attended our classes, she felt she had regained some sense of balance and knowing that support was out there was helping her to take each new step forward.   Praise be to God!

The following is a testimony written by one of our clients, Evelyn.  Evelyn gave birth this year in March to a beautiful baby girl weighing in at 6 lbs. and measuring 18″.  Our prayers go out to the entire family, and we hope to sharing in more miraculous moments to come as you continue in your journey of motherhood.  Remember that we are always here for you!

I came into Birth Choice not knowing if I was pregnant.  I really wanted to know.  I had gone to other clinics before and the test would come out negative, but I had a feeling that I was pregnant.  So I called Birth Choice and made an appointment.  I came and got a pregnancy test, and it came out positive.  Right away, they gave me an appointment for an ultrasound. I saw my baby for the first time here at Birth Choice, and it made me feel happy.  Birth Choice made me feel right at home.  My experience was great.  I was very scared at the beginning, but the staff made me feel comfortable.  Now, every time a friend or family member thinks they are pregnant, I always recommend Birth Choice.  Thank you Birth Choice for all your help and support!

It is amazing how the Holy Spirit can direct us in our efforts.  One weekend a counselor (to be known as “Sarah”) came into the Birth Choice center simply to pick up the mail.  The center was closed, but as Sarah got ready to leave, she noticed the blinking light on the phone indicating a message.  A distressed woman’s voice sounded on the machine asking for someone to call her back.  She indicated that she was in need of an abortion.  Knowing a life was at risk, Sarah responded as all Birth Choice counselors would; she set aside all immediate plans and took the time to return the call. Read the rest of this entry »

An article was posted in the Wall Street Journal Opinion section titled, “Why We’re Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms.”  In it the author John Garvey, president of The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.,  proposes “one simple step colleges can take to reduce both binge drinking and hooking up: Go back to single-sex residences.”

He states, “I know it’s countercultural. More than 90% of college housing is now co-ed. But Christopher Kaczor at Loyola Marymount points to a surprising number of studies showing that students in co-ed dorms (41.5%) report weekly binge drinking more than twice as often as students in single-sex housing (17.6%). Similarly, students in co-ed housing are more likely (55.7%) than students in single-sex dorms (36.8%) to have had a sexual partner in the last year—and more than twice as likely to have had three or more.”

Click on the – Opinion: Why We’re Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms to read the article in its entirety.  The topic is one of interest particularly to those who pray that the youth of today have the strength and moral conviction to respect their bodies and save sexual relations for within the sanctity of marriage.   I must admit that I was saddened by the many comments which criticized Mr. Garvey for his stance.  Perhaps this is not the answer, but it is definitely worth considering.  It’s hard to believe that the prevalence of sexual promiscuity among college students could get much worse.

In response to one of our previous posts, a reader left the following story.  The questions asked at the end are ones that many of us have struggled with at one time or another.  Faith and trust in the Lord often leave us with unresolved questions and we need to remind ourselves of the limitless possibilities within God’s realm. Read the rest of this entry »

In April, at our Birth Choice center in Oceanside a walk-in client came in from the ICU. ‘Darla’ was 23 and the mother of 4 children, ages 7, 6, 3 & 1, all fathered by different men.  She came into the center fearing she was pregnant again by yet another father.  At this point, she was considering an abortion.

She met with a counselor and agreed to watch a DVD titled “Crossroads.”  In this DVD, women who have undergone an abortion share their stories.  It is their desire that others may learn from their experiences so they can be informed as many of them were not.   Upon watching the DVD, it was evident that Darla related to the people in the movie.  Through tears, she exclaimed, “I could never do that!”

A few minutes later, she learned that her pregnancy test was negative.  This result was met with relief, but a new realization had settled into her heart,   one that will carry weight in all future decisions. With assurance, she now knows that life is sacred and not meant to be taken for granted. Not only has her heart been turned by this experience, but how many of her family members or acquaintances may she influence as a result of having seen Crossroads at Birth Choice, Oceanside?  The blessings are limitless.  She was scheduled for a re-test May 5th.

A few days back, a woman who we will call Nancy came into Birth Choice needing diapers for her two youngest children, 4 months and 18 months. In striking up a conversation with the counselors present, she informed them that she had been to Birth Choice 8 years ago, wanting to schedule an abortion.  Upon completing the intake, as a result of the overwhelming support she had received, she made the decision to keep her baby.  That baby is now seven years old and her oldest of five children.  She expressed her gratitude for having a center like this available with volunteers willing to help in the most desperate of times. She was also very excited and interested to learn of our Growing Families program, which helps parents learn and grow in their ability and confidence to parent. In addition, parents can earn Seed Money, enabling them to purchase items from our Growing Families showroom.   Nancy signed up for the program before leaving.  Hooray!!!  This is one more instance of how God works through Birth Choice.  It is always a pleasure to learn of how a baby can be saved through God’s grace due to the availability of those who listen and care enough to lend their support.  Thank you Birth Choice volunteers!!!

By Mary Rose Stearns
Executive Director

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is an unpredictable nature to life; it’s a force, sometimes serendipitous, sometimes as devastating as a natural disaster, and it’s what I refer to as “the tyranny of the immediate.” It’s my version of “Life happens when you’re making other plans.” The tyranny of the immediate is the “Uh oh!” – being blindsided by incoming from the proverbial “left field.”  

Yet God is never surprised. Just recently I received a call from Vanessa Clifford, the Abstinence Director from Pregnancy Resource Center of Vista. The Boys and Girls club would be hosting a Job Fair at the Oceanside High School, all the students would be required to attend, and would we want to set up a booth next to theirs? It seemed a good idea, as our Oceanside office is just down the street. “Great, I’ll get back to you,” she said. Read the rest of this entry »

On Mon, May 16, 2011, the following letter was sent to the newspaper Editor of a local high school. The Editor then sent the letter to our Birth Choice Director in hopes of a response because Birth Choice advertises it’s free services in the newspaper. (Actually, the ads have been funded by the generous donations of one of the school parents). See if you’ve heard some of these talking points before that were included in the initial letter… and where you’ve heard them.

Below the first letter is our response to that letter. Which makes more sense to you??

Dear MavLife Editor,

As two former LCC students – as well as a former MavLife Business editor and writer – we are writing to express our deep disappointment with MavLife’s decision to run advertisements for Birth Choice (March and April 2011).

Abortion is a sensitive issue, but we should all be able to agree that no matter how we feel about abortion, women deserve medically accurate information about their options to continue a pregnancy, prepare for adoption, or have an abortion. Birth Choice, like many other crisis pregnancy centers, doesn’t provide that information. Instead it attempts to shame, misinform and bully young women during an incredibly difficult time in their life. Read the rest of this entry »

One day in late April, right around lunchtime, one of our Birth Choice counselors (JM) received a call from a frightened and distraught woman. Through tears, the woman, Lina (not her real name), spoke of her situation saying she was 23, single, and seriously considering an abortion.  The counselor worked diligently to convince Lina to come in so she could speak with her about her options. Read the rest of this entry »

“A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands?” Proverbs 14:1

When the phone rings at Birth Choice, we’re never sure what we’ll hear on the other end; but we’re ready.  The caller said she was thinking about abortion. Our counselor was prepared; she answered each inquiry, one by one and asked about the caller’s situation and did she know about fetal development, how far along was she, did she know what the abortion procedure was like, was she married, did she have other children?  What the counselor didn’t expect, was that Yolanda (not her real name)  then asked if she could make an appointment for an abortion.  It usually doesn’t happen that way! Read the rest of this entry »


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